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Spring and Hibernate

For basic concepts of Spring click here
For basic concepts of Hibernate click here
Run program in background using ThreadPool concept in spring click here
For common Hibernate Exceptions click here

Java Programs

Run program in background click here
Encryption and Decryption in Java click here
Task scheduler click here
Date Time formatter click  here
Difference Between two Time in Minutes click  here
Date validation click here 
Remove unwanted characters click here
Basic Java programs click here
Basic programs in array and collection click here
How to Synchronize ArrayList in Java click here

Web Services in Java

For Basics of Web Services click here

Rest Webservice
For How to Create, Consume/Call and Test Restful Web-services in Java click here
For Annotations in Rest Webservice click here
For How to test Restful Webservice using POSTMAN click here
For Common Exceptions occurred in restful web services click here

Soap Webservice
To Create a SOAP web service and test in SOAP UI  click here
For Creating Bottom Up Web Service  click here
For How to call a SOAP Web service using servlet click here
For Test SOAP webservice using Wizdler click here.

Reduce page weight

Specify sizes for images and tables

Use async and defer, if possible

Reduce the number of inline scripts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically optimizing your web pages or websites so that it ranks higher in search engines.

Deployment descriptor is used in Java Web applications for  Url Hiding, Error handling, Welcome page and many more.

How to call Parent class method without creating object
StringBuilder vs StringBuffer in Java
What is use of load-on-startup in web.xml ?
And many more…..

How to deploy WAR file
How to start the server 
How to stop the server
How to restart the Jboss server
Common errors while starting Jboss
How to delete temp files

iText basics click here
Generate Pdf using iText click here
Read existing pdf in java click here

Searching specific string patterns
Finding files
Find the difference between two files
Filtering out the duplicate line in a file
To create any type of file in Linux
View the contents of a file
Create and extract archive files
Rename file

For XML basics click here
For different types of XML parsing in Java click here
For Javascript  DOM  parser  click here
For XML parsing in Jquery and store values in array click here
For Xml parsing in java using Apache click here
For XML parsing using JAX B click here
For JSON parsing in Javascript click here
For JSON to Java deserialization click here
Download Xml Parsing project (JAX B, SAX, Stax parser) from here or here
For Send and receive data using Jquery/Ajax click here
For Send data to new window using Jquery Ajax click here
For On click 2 values into text box click here
For Send data to new window from Html Form click here
For jQuery ReplaceAll method click here
For Replace string Between 2 tags in Jquery click here
For Compress and Encode a String in Javascript click here

Debugging Javascript by using Mozilla's Firebug.
Debugging Javascript by using Internet Explorer.

Performance Analysis Tools
For memory leaks using Eclipse Memory Analyzer click here
For Analyze Thread dump using Jstack click here

What Is Subversion
Install svn in eclipse

How to create batch file
Steps to create batch file for compiling java class, creating jar file and running jar file

Convert to LOWER or UPPER case
Replace new line with comma
Join 2 lines
Remove empty lines and spaces